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New Zealand is an island Country in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. It Comprises Two land masses North Island and South Island. There are many breathtaking scenery and geographical diversity from bubbling volcanoes to creaking glaciers and rain forests. New Zealand has a largely temperate climate. New Zealand weather can change unexpectedly- as cold front can quickly blow. Snow fall is common in the month of July. Citizens of New Zealand are generally known as ‘Kiwis’ or ‘ New Zealander’. Christianity is the Main religion followed by the citizens of New Zealand. It has three official languages: Maori, English and New Zealand sign Language. English is the most commonly spoken Language in New Zealand. New Zealanders are very friendly and hospitable people with a lively interest in other cultures. An education here is frequently the beginning of lifelong friendships. NEW ZEALAND is a rich mix of cultures – including Maori, Pakeha (European descent), Asian and Pacific people.

An increasing number of African and Latin American people also call NEW ZEALAND home. It is Famous for a lot of things mainly for its greenery, cleanness, sports, food and adventures. It is the first preferable country for adventurist. There are many adventures to do like River rafting sky diving, paragliding mountain climbing; mountain jump etc snow fall of New Zealand is really enjoyable. During the days of snowfall snow skating is favorite sports for the native. It is one the three countries have two National Anthem first is “God Save the Queen” is English National Anthem and other is God defend New Zealand. Transport of New Zealand is owned Publically as well as privately. Publically it comprise buses, trains, ferries etc., privately it comprise cars, bikes, motor cycles, cycles etc. NEW ZEALAND is a lifestyle country and has much to offer in terms of providing easily accessible and world-class education and a good life. It is a truly multicultural country with migrants from all over the world.